New Super Model VIP Claudette

High Class Elegant New Super Model VIP Claudette  Top Fashion Model Cover Girl  is very Beautiful, a  Top Elite model in Europe and Internationally, Claudette has worked for some of the biggest Fashion House and Cover Campaigns. Claudette is very striking upon meeting her, she has long dark brown  hair and sparkling hazel eyes, with a super toned model figure, toned long legs and a beautiful swim suit body. Very charming and enchanting Claudette will sweep you off her feet, she is very charismatic and knows how to charm all those that she meets. She is friendly, highly intelligent, and a knock out brunette International Super Model.


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New Top Elite Super Model

  • New to Elite Bureau Club VIP, Meet Gorgeous New High Class Elite Super Model Adela.  A Top International Elite Bikini Model and Top Lingerie Model and in her private life, jet setting around the globe modelling for the most exclusive Lingerie Companies. She is a Lingerie  and Top swimwear model working for top Swimwear Magazines and Top Lingerie designers who favor her beautiful looks. Adela is a very down to earth highly requested Super Model, she is fun charismatic and a total breath of fresh air. Iris is tall slender with Blonde hair blue, Blue eyes and a super model figure. Book Coral  for Dinner or an Evening Event, go to Theater Opera, or a Weekend Get Away, and Travel.


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High Class New Top Model

Tiffany is a Beautiful Model and Dancer, with an incredible body, super curves, and a stunning face. Tiffany has blonde hair and blue eyes, she is fun, sexy and beautiful loves to entertain and is very charming. Tiffany has long blonde hair and sea blue eyes and is a trained classical dancer and a professional swimmer. Tiffany is European, and speaks five languages. You can book Tiffany for a trip to the Opera or just spend a wonderful evening. Tiffany is available for weekend getaway and travel.


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New Top High Class Elite


Meet Dianna our Top New Beauty Pagent and Top VIP Model. Dianna is very beautiful with long blonde hair and a stunning petite figure. She works on TV and is a Top Elite International Model. Very elegant, charming and impeccable.
She is available only to our VIP clients
Internationally. She books longer Dinner Dates ranging from five hours and Evening Dates or Travel Dates.
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Top New Super Model Anna

Anna Lisa is a stunning new Top New Super Model, VIP  very beautiful, high class and uttery charming, with long Auburn hair and a stunning Model figure.  That works well for Anna Lisa as she works as a Top Commercial Print Fashion model, traveling to the Best locations and most exclusiive sunset beaches, around the world. She is a tall Runway model and Top Elite Swimwear Super Model with beautiful incredible long legs. Anna Lisa  has the perfect model figure bearing a fuller chest with perky cleavage.
Anna Lisa is available Exclusively to our select clients booking luncheon dates starting from two to five hours.
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Vanessa is studing Dramatic Arts, she is 23 years old very articulate very classy, a wholesome girl that likes to go out and have fun. Standing at 58 tall with a super figure, Vanessa has a well toned slender body with beautiful curves, she is super busty, with long dark brown hair and brown eyes, a perfect look for a up and coming NY Actress. Yous can book Vanessa for Theater Dates, and Opera or take her to the Lincoln Theater, or even a nice play, or enjoy the privacy over a romantic and intimate Dinner in the city. Vanessa is available for two to five hour Dinner Dates, Evening Dates, Weekend Escape and Travel.


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Stacey is a Student at a Top University in NYC. She is very pretty, very intelligent girl, she is working on getting a Degree in Business Affairs. Stacey is highly cultured, very charming very sweet. Stacey is a Nyc  Model studing Dramatic Arts, she is also a singer and Dancer. Stacey has Blonde Hair and Greenish Blue Eyes, she is tall slim, with a model figure, slender and toned. On meeting Stacey you will be very impressed, she is very charming and lots of fun, Stacey books extended VIP Dates by advance appointment.


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Top New Super Model VIP

Monica is Design Student  and  Elite Model, she works Internationally  she is very, charming personality and very engaging. Monica has a beautiful Model Figure slender and toned with a beautiful face, she has a golden tan all year round. Monica is a design student, she is Global Jet setter. Monica is available for Dinner Dates, Extended Dates and VIP Travel.

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New Top Super Model Chloe

Chloe is a Top Elite Cover Girl Model and Top Playmate, she is 22 years old with Blonde hair and Blue Grey eyes, with a super curvy body.  Chloe is a well known Celebrity Playmate Model available to VIP and Celebrity Clients only.   Booking with Chloe is by Request only and Chloe books 4 hour dates or more. Chloe has a incredible fitness model figure toned, slender and buff. Chloe works in the Fashion Industry as a swimsuit print model and is a highly recognized Top Fashion Model. Chloe is highly enchanting, and very personable,  a true delight.


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New Top Super Model Abigail

High Class Youthful  and Beautiful  Abigail. Top Stunning Elite Fashion Model, with beautiful Top Model Figure. Abigail  is 21years old, works as a Top Elite Model, she has medium long dark brown hair and hazel brown eyes. She is available strictly to celebrity and VIP Clients and books  longer extended VIP Dates beginning with four hour dinner dates. Abigail is a Top International Model with amazing Super Model looks and Super Model Figure. She books exentended VIP Model Dates.


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Top NYC Elite Super Model

Pippa is a Fashion Model, very slender very beautiful, she is new to the Industry, likes going to Clubs, Travel and Have a Good Time. Pippa is a Top International Fashion Model working for the most pretigious names in Fashion. She has a beautiful face and Super Model Figure. She is a Highly sought after Fashion Model that creates buzz on the Fashion circuit. Pippa is strictly available for extended dates.


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Brooke is a sensational girl very beautiful tall elegant and classy, she works in the Fashion Industry as a Runway model, between doing shows and traveling she enjoys music, opera and the arts.. Brooke is very beautiful tall long legs, slender with a perfect model figure. Brooke has Blonde hair and green eyes, a very intelligent High Class Elegant Model. Brooke is available for VIP Dating, Theatre Dating or savor your evening and extend your time.


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Chloe is a Gorgeous Model, 24 years old trained as a Dancer but transformed into a Model, she is a Busy Model that loves Fashion and Fast Cars. Chloe is a trained classical ballet dancer, with Super Model looks, she has long dark brown hair, hazel brown eyes and a beautiful summer golden tan and Bikini Model Slender and toned Elite Model Figure. She is very charming, International and loves to dine out. She is a Top Model that is a must see.


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Anna Rose

Anna Rose is absolutely stunning and elegant, she is busy working as a Elite Model, traveling around the Globe, occassionaly in New York for trips, she is charismatic and totaly charming. You will love her. Anna Rose has worked for the most Prestigious Elite Group Fashion Companies as a Top Model, Cover Model and Swimwear and Runway model. Anna Rose had chestnut brown hair hazel eyes and a Super Model toned figure. Anna Rose is available for five hour Dinner Dates, Casino Dates, Travel and much more.


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Francis is a very beautiful Model very Sensual with good classic looks she works a Fashion Model all over the world, she is the type of girl you are just drawn to, she has a addictive personality. Frances is a Fashion Print Model and Ivy League Student, a Model and Dancer. Frances is charming Elegant very Classy and Beautiful. Frances is available for Dinner Dates, VIP Events, Sports Events, Luxury Dating and Travel.

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New Top Luxury Super Model

Zara is Perfection, she has a super body, and perfect all round looks, she is new to New York and new to the Industry, she is very striking in person, and is highly requested……. Zara is a Top Elite Swimwear Model and University Graduate, a combination of beauty and intelligence, she is charming graceful and very captivating. Zara has a perfect swimwear figure, with super curves, she is tall busty has a beauful model figure and stunning face. Zara has dark blonde to light brunette hair with blue eyes. She is available for extended model dating, dinner dates, evening dates, weekend getaway and travel dates.


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New Luxury Super Model Charlie

Meet New Blonde Bombshell Super Model VIP Charlie. Charlie is a knockout model, and Cover girl, very regal and classy, super long blonde hair and saphire blue eyes, she walks into a room and everyone just glares at her incredible beauty, she works in Milan, Europe and is always Jet setting around the world, She is a busy model and works for us part time. She is also a real charmer, very captivating. Charlie a beautiful Super Model figure, an Established Fashion Model that is a Frequent Flyer. You will enjoy meeting Charlie, she is super friendly fun and with knock out Model Looks.


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